Why does the 'matching' knowledge check limit to 2 lines?

Jun 22, 2020

When I create a knowledge check matching type I find it really difficult to fit in the words I need to say in the space, because after so many characters it just crops and refuses to allow more text. Why? 

Here's an example where it crops important details from my distractors. 

If i go over to storyline and create a single slide activity and try to recreate the question and embed it as a storyline interaction instead, I have to battle with a whole other bizarre set of restrictions in the built-in drag and drop types - like you can't modify the height or font properties (well, you can but it won't show them). It too has the same bizarre height restriction but now to alleviate that problem it just makes the font illegible.

I don't see why Rise has the two line limitation. If I go into the developer tools in my browser and fiddle the elements to make them taller or add more text, the dragging interaction still works and everything wraps properly. I'm having to resort to recreating the interaction from Rise in plain old javascript and embedding them as an iframe (and then hosting that somewhere).

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