Workday LMS and Rise

Hello i reviewed the discussion on Rise and it states that "The Rise content will always resume if you're hosting in a Learning Management System (LMS) and the LMS supports the resume/bookmarking behavior."

Any Workday users on here?  Are your courses allowing learners to resume where they left off? Unfortunately, we are not.  Every time a learner completes a course, it starts them off again at the beginning as a new enrollment.  Thus impacting the complete and incomplete report that our managers see

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Eboni,

Have you tried testing your courses in another LMS environment such as SCORM Cloud?

That's what we generally recommend doing to determine whether the problem stems from the course or the LMS. Here's an article that walks you through how to do that.

If it works correctly on SCORM Cloud, then the problem is coming from the LMS and you'll need to talk to your provider.

If you see the same issue on SCORM Cloud, then the problem is likely coming from the course itself. If that's the case, please reach out to our support team.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Percy Toribio

Hi Eboni,

We are using Articulate and Workday at my company and we do have the "resume" feature working. Based purely off of what you've shared, technically if you have completed a course (depending on how you programmed) there would be nothing to resume from. The resume feature typically comes up when one of my Learners leaves a course and then goes back into Workday Learning, selects the course, and then is presented with the resume question.

Your question might pertain to the enrollment capabilities in Workday Learning vs. the capability of Rise/Storyline. In this case, I suggest you change your course setting to make enrollment mandatory (and therefore controlling how many times a Learner can "complete"). Only the Learner's manager in Workday or an admin would be able to re-enroll the Learner in that course, again, depending on how you have your Workday instance setup.

[Sorry Allison, I know this is not a Workday Learning-specific domain chatroom!! :) ]

I hope that helps you, Eboni. Please let me know if I've misinterpreted your issue(s).



Eboni DuBose

Thanks for the feedback.  I must have missed.  Normally if a learner finishes a course, it will asks the learner to resume where they left off or retake the course.  But the learners completion stays intact.  For Workday, this does not happen.  If the learner retakes the course, they now have a complete and an incomplete if they decide to retake the course and don't finish it.  I should have to set a mandatory course.  The learner should be able to take any course again that they have already completed. 

 Now on compliance course, your right, we should set an expiration that clears a learners completion and ensures they take the course yearly.  

Dani Blount


We are having the same issue with our Rise courses - it will not allow learners to start where they left off. However, maybe I can help a little? (Hopefully I'm not going too far out of my lane here...)

Do you all have the enrollment feature turned on or off? Sounds like it's turned off. If so, that means when a learner clicks "Begin" it resets their enrollment status. If enrollment is turned on, this is a duplicate enrollment meaning the learner completed the course > clicked "Enroll" again which resets their status and starts a new enrollment. The completed attempt is still there. The learner can drop the duplicate enrollment or admin can do it. Unfortunately, right now Workday doesn't have an EIB option for mass drop. 

We use the enrollment feature because we can use course validation rules (soft or hard errors) to warn or stop an employee when they are enrolling in a course they have already completed. If an employee wants to review content in a previously completed course, they don't need to re-enroll. They just need to open the course and review the content. 

Not sure if this helps, but feel free to reach out and we can chat more. Always love to connect with other Articulate/Workday users! 

Percy Toribio

Hi Rebecca,

Yours is both a simple and complex question to answer. Workday and Workday Learning are always set up custom/bespoke to your situation. For example, there are numerous functionalities available in Workday that have inter dependable settings that must be configured for something to function. That being said, it may be better to start with what is constant, Rise. 

If you are using the most up to date version of Rise, when you are finished creating your module, you would "Export" your work. Just in case, let's ensure that you have "LMS" selected in addition to the already mentioned SCORM 1.2 selection (See Attached). From here, this is where things can get complex.

Still in Rise:

  1. What is your criteria for "Tracking" the course completion? (Rise offers three possibilities that you can review when hit "Export"
  2. Rise offers a course progress tracking by displaying a percentage and the word "COMPLETE" -some Learners confuse viewing 100% of the module as completing 100% of the module. You will need to ensure that your Learners can't achieve 100% without satisfying your criteria for completion. i.e. You may have a quiz in your Rise module but if you are not relying on that quiz score as the "Tracking" criteria for completion your Learners may theoretically complete the module without successfully passing the quiz.

This is usually the issue that Learning Designers have some sort of issue/complication that they troubleshoot.

In Workday, you'll need to create a course and then attach the .zip export from your Rise module as the "Media". Again, this is where it gets complicated as I am unaware of how much experience you have in Workday Learning. Have you had other courses successfully run and did they track/complete in Workday Learning as you expected?

Our Company spent thousands of dollars when onboarding Workday Learning and invested in subsequent Workday consulting to accommodate our particular instance of Workday Learning.

Is that something you can invest in or undertake? If not, I suggest joining the Workday community so you can expand your Workday IQ and potentially connect with even more "experts".

I hope this at least points you in the right direction.

Good luck,


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sangeeta. If the quiz is being tracked as the completion requirement for your course, Rise should be sending that data to your LMS. Here are a couple of troubleshooting ideas to try:

  • Upload your course to SCORM Cloud to compare how it reports in another LMS environment.
  • You can enable debug mode on your course to see the communication your course is sending to the LMS.

We're happy to help, too! Connect with us by clicking here, and you can even privately share your SCORM package for testing. We keep everything confidential.

Sangeeta Das

Thanks, Crystal for the response. Attaching debug report and have also attached the Rise export zip file with export settings. Would really appreciate it if you can check what is wrong with the settings. This is a test course that I am testing for Rise Quiz. There are 3 attempts after which the learners get to exit the course to record scoring. I am testing the fail scoring here, so you need to fail 3 times to test if the scoring is recorded correctly in Workday.

I have tested on Scorm Cloud and it comes back with this:
Completion: complete
Success: failed
Score: 67.00 %

P.S. We use SCORM 2004 4th version “Pass/Failed” with our LMS as SCORM 1.2 does not work well. All Rise courses, with SL block assessments work fine with these settings.


Christa Novelli

Am I understanding correctly that the issues being reported here in relation to SCORM content loaded to WD Learning are:

  • when a user completes the elearning and then goes back to relaunch it for review, it resets the user record to "in progress"; and
  • when a user leaves the course without completing and comes back to complete at a later time, the user must restart rather than resume where left off?

We are looking at WD Learning and Articulate is our primary authoring tool, so I'm doing some research on questions we need to ask.

Percy Toribio

Hi Christa,

I have some answers to share.

  • "when a user completes the elearning and then goes back to relaunch it for review, it resets the user record to "in progress"; and"
    • After completing a course in Workday Learning, when learners return they are asked if they want to retake or review the course material. That is fairly straightforward.
  • "when a user leaves the course without completing and comes back to complete at a later time, the user must restart rather than resume where left off?"
    • In general, Workday tracks where learners are in the course and then relies on Articulate to do the rest. i.e. When I try to resume a course (that was built in Storyline) the attached message populates. For courses built in Articulate Rise, Workday brings the learner right back to the place where they left off.

I hope that provides clarity for those two points of clarification.

Have a great day!