xAPI (Tin Can) consistent activity ID

Mar 31, 2021

Hi there, we’re using Rise 360 to publish assessments using XAPI(Tin Can) and we were wondering if there is a unique identifier generated that we can use within our LMS. I noticed that when exporting there seems to be an ID added to one of the fields within the tincan.xml file e.g.

<activity id=http://Sample-Preparation_Technique_Module_QuEChERS-Assessment-80/agvMNIcwlIgO0a2sR8C9UizoGveHhWc0 type=http://adlnet.gov/expapi/activities/module>


Whereby the value “agvMNIcwlIgO0a2sR8C9UizoGveHhWc0” seems to be used consistently in the url, can this be used as an ID to identify the assessment and will it change if I update the assessment and republish it?

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Crystal Horn

Hi David. Yes, those activity IDs should remain the same as long as you're exporting the same course with the same questions. You can edit the question content, but the activity ID will remain. Adding and deleting questions will create different activity IDs.

If you're seeing something different or hit a snag, we'll be happy to help!