xlf translation not processing

May 24, 2023

When I try to upload an xlf translation file into my course, it is stuck on "processing." 

I followed the instructions: made a copy of the course (didn't change the course), exported English xlf, had it translated and tried to import the translation xlf. It is stuck on "processing" and won't budge.

What is the solution? 

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John Morgan

Hi Nickie,

I'm sorry you are having an issue with your color palette! I understand you are having an issue importing XLF translation files. I see you've opened a support case and are working with Philam. You are in good hands! If you have any questions about the case, please respond within the case via email.

Thanks for reaching out!

Luciana Piazza

Hi Carola, 

Thanks so much for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear you're running into this issue as well. 

I've created a support case on your behalf. One of our talented Support Engineers will be in touch shortly via email to take a closer look at your files. 

Hope that you have a great start to your week and happy developing! 

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Astrid,

Sorry to hear that you are encountering the same issue.

Translation import issues usually show if the XLIFF file being imported was not exported from the same course. You must create a duplicate of your course for each language translation, each duplicate representing the language you would like to translate it. Then, you will need to export the XLIFF files from those duplicate courses for translation. Once the translation is done, you will need to import the XLIFF file to where it was exported originally.

Please check out this article for more details.

If you are still encountering issues, please feel free to open a case with us here so that one of our technical support engineers can take a look at your XLF file.