XLIFF import only once?

Nov 07, 2018

I have had a lot of success importing 15 translated courses into my Rise courses. But when I try to do the same course a second time (same import file, with some critical changes made), it says the import is failed. Does this mean you can only import once? I find this difficult to believe because what if there are 10 additional changes that need to be made in, say, CHINESE, that I could not possibly make without the expert?

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Martika Cox

Hi Rebecca,

I’m sorry you’re having some trouble.

It’s okay to import your XLIFF file more than once - so no worries there.

Sometimes just starting fresh and exporting the .xlf file, translating it, and importing it again can make a big difference.

If you’re still having trouble after that, let’s get a case going so our Support Team can take a closer look. You can do that here.

Wei Cai

I tried multiple imports also and it worked. The issue may be when you import XLIFF file, the translated language format will be different on either storyline or Rise, especially Chinese characters, there are more differences. We had projects translated from English to French and we had to send it out for import and reviews....

Good luck!!

Jeff Weiser

Hi Rebecca,

We have encountered this issue and fixed it for Rise customers. Please schedule a brief call with me and I can get you started, or send the file by email and I'll move it from there.

Best regards,

Jeff Weiser


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