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Linda Colano

Hi Ashley,
Here are the steps I followed.

Saving a copy of a Rise presentation to a viewable file on a computer

In Articulate
1. Export the Rise course for No LMS - Web only

Viewing zipped files from Articulate Rise On your computer
1. Unzip the presentation folder.


2. Open the extracted folder and Right click on the index file and select Open with


3. Select Google Chrome to view the file.
4. The presentation will now open for viewing.
5. Tools

1. Internet access will be required to view the presentation and request changes.
2. Google Chrome will be required to view the presentation.

Linda Lola Colano
Applications Specialist
APN Health


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Linda! It looks like you replied to this thread via email. When you do that, your screenshots will not come through.

Instead, can you please help me by...

  1. Watching this short video tutorial. 
  2. Recording a Peek screen recording of what you're seeing on your end.
  3. Click here to open the forum thread, then send me the link to your Peek video.

I'll be standing by!