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Hanna Danielsson

Thank you! Yes, this functionality is necessary as the text content will not be user friendly to read when it looks like that. Headlines may vary from one to several rows and more text will hopefully fit the templates if the body text spacing is editable and possible to decrease. Please pass along the idea :)

Joseph Venezia

Hi, I didn't use RISE before but saw the attachment and the headline now wraps with little-to-no spacing. Looks great! 

I'm writing because when I'm building with blocks there is little/no spacing between the heading or subheading and the text beneath it (when selecting heading and paragraph).  It's nice to have a space between the headings and content but a full default space is too much. 

Any chance of modifying this in future releases or possibly providing each user the ability to specify the amount of spacing in settings?

Thanks for the great software and support!