Looking for a fun, interactive way to present facts and figures? This interactive pie chart template I created in Storyline is exactly what you're looking for. Just click on the shape to watch the graphic change with a simple animation. 

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Free Font: Roboto

Video Tutorial: How to Build an Interactive Pie Chart in Storyline

Nicole Legault

Hello Ana! That is a great question - thanks for asking that. The reason I didn't do it that way: I didn't think about it! Haha as usual, there's more than 1 way to do something with Storyline. The way you suggested does indeed work well, the only thing that doesn't work if you do it by changing states instead of using a cue point on the timeline, is that you can't have the text object appear only after the pie chart animation has completed. I had set it up on the timeline so that FIRST the animation on the pie chart happens, then when its done, the text fades in. But when you change from using the cue points to using states, when you click on the shape and trigger the state change (from hidden to normal), it happens right away, regardless of any timing adjustments on the timeline. Hope th... Expand

Ana Leirner