Turn your next boring assessment into a fun, Jeopardy-style quiz game with this dynamic template! Simply add your text content to the quiz slides and your learners are ready to play. Sound effects included!

Storyline 360: Quiz Game Show Template

Download Sounds: Freesound.org

Download Font: Gyparody

This template is also available for Storyline 2. And you can find even more fresh game downloads in this roundup.

Allyncia Williams
Alicia Mantecon
Kendall Decker
Chandan Agarwal

hi Everyone... I am looking for a gaming template with following needs. 1. On click on the first textbox, where the person has to choose answer any one question, he will choose the question by clicking on the required box and will move to next slide containing causes. 2. To answer that question, he will to find causes. There will be 4 times number of causes for every question on the first slide. ( Ex: If he has 5 question in the 1st slide, he will have 20 causes) We have to give marks for every right causes. 3. Once he chooses the 4 causes, he will move to other slide where there will be reason for those clauses. Again There will be 4 times the number of reason for every question, He will give the answer correctly to score the marks. 4. So in the end, for example. he chose ... Expand

Trey McNabb
Craig D
Quentin Scott
Quentin Scott