Let the good times roll with this fun Storyline 360 rolling dice template. Download this .story file to add your own game-like elements and custom interactions. If you want to make a quiz using these dice, check out Paul Alder’s post that includes another bonus download!  

View this project in action.

Trey McNabb

It's actually looking like it's blocking your site. I work for a state agency, so who knows. I'm pretty sure it won't let me get to weTrasnfer - we can't use things that have file share. I'll shoot you an email from my home address and look at them that way. Did you use Illustrator or something similar to draw them, or are you one of our community with those super mad PowerPoint Skills? Mostly I'm interested in seeing them close up - I could export from the template, but like I said, it's not something I have a true need for in a training. I also plan to take photos of a large die I have with a solid black background. Then I can remove it and make them transparent png files. That's for a photography project that I'll happen to be able to use with Articulate if the mood strikes. lol. ... Expand

Paul Alders