In this quick video, we'll give you an overview of the features you’ll use to build interactive e-learning fast with Storyline 360. We’ll cover the info you need to get oriented in Storyline 360 and begin building engaging multi-device courses. And you'll learn how to use the other apps and resources in Articulate 360 to really speed up your Storyline 360 development. Check it out:

Ready to get started? Download Storyline 360 from and then check out Getting Started with Storyline 360 for more details.


Andrew Om

Hello Brooke, Yes, VMware also costs extra. I am in the same boat. It would be much easier if the main software ran natively on Mac. If you are on the fence about purchasing 360, I'd highly recommend taking into account that you may need extra software (Parallels + Windows which are added costs) in order to run Articulate 360. Other content creation software support Mac natively and if you want to delving into VR training, Articulate may not be the best route. But, Articulate Storyline is pretty easy to use. There are trade-offs. Anyway, the most common methods to run Windows on Mac are Parallels (cost) or Boot Camp (free). You will still need to purchase a copy of Windows in order to run it on your MacBook Pro with either option. This link outlines the pros and cons of Parallels ... Expand

Jeremy Le Fevre
Robyn Whitmer