George  Tuft
George Tuft
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George Tuft commented on the e‑learning example Storyline: The Golden Age of Comics Interactive Map
"Details question....for the markers on the individual layers, did you use button states or additional layers? I sometimes use complex but..."
  • 2 years ago03/11/20 at 5:51 pm (UTC)
George Tuft replied to the discussion Enter Key to Advance Slide (SL360)
"Hi all, I'm having the exact opposite experience that everyone is describing here. No matter what I do (and I have tried multiple trigger..."
  • over 2 years ago02/18/20 at 10:04 pm (UTC)
"Thanks Mike! I had just come across the same solution on another page (here:"
  • over 2 years ago01/03/20 at 9:01 pm (UTC)
"Does anyone know how the grey scooped out rectangle on the Process slide was created? I've tried importing shapes from PowerPoint, fr..."
  • over 2 years ago01/03/20 at 8:40 pm (UTC)
George Tuft replied to the discussion Linking between lessons
"I had this same question. Just put in a feature request. I need to be able to let users "click here to jump to that content" from a text ..."
  • over 2 years ago09/12/19 at 8:48 pm (UTC)
"I put a version on screencast, so you don't have to download it. :)  "
  • 3 years ago02/22/19 at 10:30 pm (UTC)
"Hi Michael, I made a short (ish) video about how to explore the CSS files using the Chrome Inspector and a text editor application (I use..."
  • 3 years ago02/22/19 at 10:24 pm (UTC)
"If anyone is still interested in trying to do this, I was able to dig into the CSS sheet in the output folder and find color value locati..."
  • 3 years ago02/22/19 at 8:12 pm (UTC)