Enter Key to Advance Slide (SL360)

Jul 14, 2017

On the image below you can see I have a Continue button. I'd like a user to be able to advance the slide by hitting Enter key (which they do now only by hitting the Continue button). 

I'm using the code:

Jump to next slide
When user presses the Enter key

I've tried this as a slide trigger and as a trigger associated with the Continue button. 

Any hints as to what I'm doing wrong here?


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George  Tuft

Hi all,

I'm having the exact opposite experience that everyone is describing here. No matter what I do (and I have tried multiple triggers, and NO triggers) i can't prevent a user from advancing the slide based on the text entry box.

What I'm trying to do is force the user to type "yes" into a text box, and only then can they move on. However i can type ANYTHING in that box (or nothing) and if i hit enter the slide advances...again, even when I turn off ALL triggers on the slide.


Benjamin Bowden

Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this but I have been trying to find a solution to no prevail. I am trying to apply a `Jump to next slide when the user presses the key `0` If the TextEntry is equal to 08.12.2020`. But when I apply this nothing happens. I basically would like to have our user enter the date `08.12.2020` and once they hit that final `0` and the text field is correctly populated, it then advances to the next slide automatically.

Is this possible?

Many Thanks,

Benjamin Bowden

Hello Lauren,

Thank you for your reply and the attached example.

Unfortunately this will not be ideal. Please see attached an example of what we are trying to simulate. This is a simulation of a software where the user applies the date (in the format 08.12.2020) and once it has been entered we would ideally like it to automatically jump to the next slide. I have used the `Jump to next slide when user presses key `X` on other text field slides, but because this has multiple zeros i am unable to make it happen. My only other alternative is to have them apply a date of say, 02.03.2021.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Benjamin!

Thank you for sharing your file! I see what you're looking to do, and that's correct. The multiple zeros in the answer are causing the snag. I leave it to our community members to share tips if they've built something similar. I'll report back if I think of an additional workaround.