We’re adding tons of new or enhanced features to Articulate 360—all inspired by suggestions from you, our community. Divided into three core themes—easier collaboration, enhanced quality, and faster distribution—these Articulate 360 features will make it easier than ever to keep up with your organization’s training demands.

Features marked with (Beta) will be or already are available in our brand new beta program. Learn more about the beta program here

Let’s dive in!


Developers, SMEs, stakeholders, executives—creating effective courses takes a village. The good news is that organizing, sharing, and reviewing content just got easier thanks to these new features.

Team Folders: Review 360 (Beta) and Rise 360—Coming Soon

Instead of sharing each individual course, authors can now share folders of courses in Review 360—and soon in Rise 360 as well. This allows authors to manage who can see or edit content in each folder. It also means multiple authors can publish a course to the same Review 360 link, so you never lose track of your comments.

Request Review (Beta)

This feature lets you send and track review requests directly from Review 360. So you and your reviewers can easily see the status and due date for every project. The review process has never been easier! Learn more here: Review 360: Request Review.  

Integrated Comments (Beta)

Now, instead of switching back and forth between your authoring app and Review 360, you can see both at the same time. With the integrated comments panel, you can see and respond to comments directly in Storyline 360 and Rise 360. So handy! 

Enhanced Rise 360 Dashboard Management (Beta)—Coming Soon

Bookmarks, nested folders, and bulk content management are just some of the ways we're improving your Rise 360 dashboard. Whether you have one course or a thousand, you’ll be able to optimize your content organization with these new features. 


We’re continuing to invest in Storyline 360 performance and quality to boost reliability and efficiency—for a smoother and more enjoyable course creation experience.

Storyline 360 Bug Fixes

From faster performance to improved support for zoomed images, animated GIFs, background audio, and high-resolution screen recordings, these fixes are sure to make your workflow even easier. For more details, see our full version history.

Storyline 360 Cloud Backup (Beta)—Coming Soon

With cloud backup, you’ll be able to access your Storyline 360 files anywhere, anytime. You’ll simply upload source files to Review 360 to view earlier versions and help ensure your latest file won’t be lost.

New Realistic Illustrated Characters—Coming Soon

We’re working on three new realistic characters in casual clothing for Content Library 360. Stay tuned!


Meet your learners wherever they work with these new Reach 360 distribution features. 

Slack Integration

Now you can quickly send your learners enrollment notifications and remind them of due dates using Slack integration. Authors can also share rich previews of their courses and notify admins when they’re submitted for publishing. Check out this article for more details: Connecting Reach 360 and Slack.

QR Code Registration—Coming Soon

New users will be able to register for your training anywhere thanks to this QR code feature.

Direct Content Sharing

Users can access content with links and QR codes, making it easy to integrate training into the flow of work. Learn more here: Reach 360: Sharing Training.

Separate Admins for Reach 360 (Beta)—Coming Soon

This feature will allow users to assign different Reach 360 roles, differentiating between 360-wide admins and Reach 360-only admins.


We hope you’re as excited about these new features and enhancements as we are! And if you have ideas for future features, we want to hear from you. With Articulate’s brand-new beta program, also releasing this quarter, you can share even more feedback with us. We want your help in developing tools that truly fit your needs. Click here to learn more about the beta program.

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Moriah Kent