6 Storyline Downloads to Ignite Your Creative Spark

There’s so much you can do in Storyline. Your imagination is the limit! But maybe you’re unsure how to make a certain idea happen or you need a little inspiration for your next project. 

In these situations, the E-Learning Heroes downloads hub is a great resource. It’s entirely possible that someone has already built an interaction similar to what you’re imagining. (And if you need some extra help, there are always the discussion forums!)

To wit, here are six of our favorite Storyline downloads to come from the community recently:

  • Use this fly-in hand animation by John Toh to highlight key information on your slides in a fun and unexpected way.
  • Save space on your slides by tucking extra information into this sleek slide-in menu by Nejc Žorga Dulmin.
  • Get your characters moving around with this walking animation by Lili Seram.
  • Get ready for your learners to ask, “Is it lunchtime yet?” when you use this delectable-looking click-and-reveal interaction.
  • Quickly build a professional-looking quiz featuring a helpful character with this template by Matt Guyan.
  • Give learners control over where an animated character moves with this unique slider interaction by Chris Hodgson.

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