Articulate Storyline on Mac

Here’s a question we get a lot: “Is there a Mac version of Articulate Storyline?” Lots of folks like to use Apple-built hardware such as iMacs, Macbook Airs, and Macbook Pros to create, design, and imagine. We get it! We love Macs too.

While there is no Mac-native version of Storyline, it's super-easy to use Storyline on your favorite Mac hardware using a virtual environment. All you need to do is get virtual environment software that creates a Windows interface on your Mac. There are a ton of options for creating virtual environments, including Parallels, Apple Boot Camp, and VMware.

With a virtual environment, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between your usual Mac display and viewing a Windows interface with Windows programs.

We've created a few short videos to walk you through the process. In this series, we'll show you how to use Parallels to run Storyline on your Mac in no time.

Step 1: Install Parallels

Step 2: Install Windows

Step 3: Install Storyline

Step 4 (optional): Getting Resolution Right for Retina Displays

 If you’re interested in learning more, here are some helpful resources:

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David Anderson
Mark Siegrist
Charlotte Thornton
Daniel Păun
Ivan Groe
Daniel Păun

Hi Ivan, thank you for your message. It is not in my intention to denigrate any of these tools. I am simply expressing my feelings about it. User experience, you know? :) When something feels awful, it is time to be improved. I don't know about you, but my relationship with Adobe wasn't a love affair - I use an iMac (maximum specs) and it was always slow no matter the solution they provided me (clearing cache, etc). This wasn't the only problem with the product, but surely the most important. With a slow flow, the productivity is bad. If you have useful insights or advices to share, it will appreciated. I agree there are things that only Captivate can do, but sometimes (not always) they are less important than usability, functionality, etc. Regarding the expertise requirements in this pro... Expand

Mark Siegrist
Daniel Păun

Hi Mark, I am using a lot of Instructional Videos in my training programs, therefore I need to master different video editing apps as well (from Screenflow & Camtasia to Final Cut Pro & Adobe After Effects). That was the reason behind my need for prioritisation in what I am learning. Of course, is a matter of my context: I don't have requests from clients to work in a specific program (Cp, Sl, Lectora, Zebra, etc) but I have the pressure of "time to competence" and reliability regarding the tools I need. My option is to stick with only one authoring tool. I am curious: why do you use Windows version of Cp9 on your Mac instead of the native app? Yes, indeed. The mobile support is definitely one of biggest advantages of Cp9. Pity that I can't manage to find what is the problem w... Expand

Mark Siegrist
Mark Siegrist

I have a Windows version of Captivate and they use separate licenses for each. In addition to my full-time employment, I take on freelance e-learning projects from time to time. Last one was for converting a very large library of old desktop-based (think early 2000's "CBT") courses, with local database storage for tracking, etc. They wanted it converted to the web. In bidding for the project, I was up against mostly web agencies. They didn't specialize (and I suspect have any experience) in elearning, and when they realized they were bidding against e-learning developers they immediately put in the client's ear the anti-Flash talk and to make sure whatever anyone proposes be fully cross-browser capable HTML5. Had I been restricted to using Presenter or Storyline I would not have bee... Expand

Justin Grenier
Clayton Ilolahia

I am doing my Articulate certification tomorrow (3 day training) and I naively thought I could simply install a "free trial" version on my MacBook Pro tonight to get me through the next three days of training. Realising I need two more software programs including a (not free) copy of Windows just to get Storyline up a running, I've decided to get up as the sun rises to head back to my office to pick up a Windows-based laptop before I go to training. I also had issues creating an Articulate ID when the website told me I needed a valid user ID despite receiving and activating the validation link in my inbox.... not a great first impression for "the world's best e-learining solution." I hope my mind can be changed during my training course.... Adobe Captivate is looking much more attractive a... Expand

Doug Kipta
David Anderson
Beth Cougler Blom
Bob Wiker
Jamie Billingham

Thought I'd throw my workaround for Mac/Storyline into the mix. My son-in-law brought me an old PC - HP with CORE i3 - that works great. He found it in a recycling bin. Seriously, you don't need much of a PC to run Storyline. I then invested 180.00 (CA) for Windows 10 and 120.00 for MS Office 360. Finally I bought a Wormhole by J5Create for 30 bux - a double sided USB connector - that connects my Mac to my PC so I can access both machines and all their files via shared keyboard/mouse and monitors. With this set-up I can create in Storyline and easily bring in course assets created on my Mac without sullying it with MS or dealing with Bootcamp or other virtual machine options. Plus I now have a backup machine just in case my Mac goes down (knocking on wood that that never happe... Expand

David Anderson
Rebecca Regan
Brandon Harper

it looks like this is still a thing... Why is there not a mac version of Storyline? Is there a plan to get one? My company recently made the leap to make Storyline our primary authoring tool. I'm grateful, because I really prefer Storyline! BUT... we're a mac company. I've been struggling through with Parallels, but it is sluggish and has many times become unresponsive. In no way does the performance of Storyline in Parralels truly compare to the speed and responsiveness of true Microsoft. Not to mention, I can't get any screen recordings using Storyline because of this. I have to use Mac tools to complete screencaptures and then import a video and manually go through all the editing. I'm really hopeful to know that this is on the radar and if it is, I would be MORE than happy to ... Expand