When we launched Articulate 360 way back in 2016, our plan was always to continue improving our apps with a steady stream of new and enhanced features. But even with that goal in mind, it would have been hard to anticipate how much our apps would evolve and grow over time.

Just a few years later, we’re excited to tell you that in January 2023, we shared our 500th enhancement to Articulate 360! That’s 500 ways our apps have expanded the kinds of learning experiences you can bring to life and the ease and speed with which you can create them. We’re so excited to have hit this milestone and can’t wait to share even more helpful updates in the future.

Want to dive deeper into how much our apps have changed? Then check out our recent article on the 65+ Articulate 360 features we added in 2022 and the release notes for our apps, like Storyline 360 and Rise 360. And for a peek at what’s to come, be sure to bookmark our Feature Roadmap page and check it often.

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