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Common E-Learning Development Challenges Infographic


Nancy Kargel
Sharon Huston

I agree absolutely. Accessibility is the single biggest time suck in my workflow. There are so many thing Storyline can do to help with this, but for Articulate accessibility seems to be . . . not an afterthought . . . but not a priority either. Sadly most the the better accessibility solutions I've seen/implemented involve JavaScript, which the company doesn't support. Hint, Articulate: When we need JS to get accessibility to work and you don't support JS, then you aren't supporting accessibility!! At the very least give us a "when this object loses focus" trigger, and the ability to make things happen at a x seconds on the timeline. With those two actions I could cobble together what I need, even without your support. I love you product, but honestly, your accessibility 'featu... Expand

Sabine Nolte
yvan meloche

Well i hope so too as ive been hounding them for the last year to make a native version for Mac. We are running Storyline in Parallels but it would be much easier to just have a Mac version. However, I dont think they will make a Mac version based on what ive been reading in the past 2yrs BUT they say we will not be disappointed. So i think we may see a Web based application/development tool. So this way all platforms can develop on it. So basically we would be developing in a "cloud" environment. If this is the case, there may be security issues for some of us in that we work with sensitive materials that must stay within our intranet only. They would have to have a very tight security encryption built in to their new tool. And most of us use our own LMS to publish to. Hope thats taken in... Expand