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Common E-Learning Development Challenges Infographic


Wanda Blackett

Hi Sylvia! Welcome to eLearning! I can relate to being the "do it all" person for a little company - but I've learned a lot from this great community over the years. The industry terms are pretty standard for some of the eLearning roles. You've got your "SME" (Subject Matter Expert) - person who knows the subject inside and out, and will provide content, assessments, etc. Then you have your "Instructional Designer" who will design the eLearning course in a way that works best for this environment and for the learners who will be using it. They do basically the storyboard for the course. Next it's off to the "Instructional Developer" who actually puts the whole thing together. That's pretty much the gist of it. There's lots of great blogs in the Articulate community sit... Expand