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Common E-Learning Development Challenges Infographic


Kuriko A
Dan Graham
Patrick Ryan
Kuriko A

Firstly Dan, in relation to your 'buzz kill' comment, let's wait and see if this 'buzz' delivers all that it is promising ;) Secondly, as I've mentioned in a previous post, I understand that with software, there are often a few small bugs to address after its initial release, when end users pick up on a few issues that should have been identified and addressed in the internal QA process prior to release. This happens, and users are pretty understanding of this within the first 6 months. Sometimes, in the instance of open source software, these bugs can go unaddressed for a year or longer as nobody is being paid to maintain the code. However, Storyline 2 is a product which has a long string of bugs found by users (or shall we call them the volunteer QA team?) which have been raised in... Expand