Share Your Medical Course Starter Templates for E-Learning #171

Medical Course Starter Templates #171: Challenge | Recap

Course starter templates are a great way to kickstart an e-learning project because they provide a common e-learning course structure. Typical course starters include a combination of content slides, common interactions, and assessments. 

In an earlier challenge, you shared course starters on a range of topics and industries. This week, we’re narrowing our focus to the medical industry. 

Give Your Starter Templates a Makeover

If you shared an example in last year’s course starter challenge, you already have the slides you need to complete this challenge.

Try reworking your slides to give them a medical-theme look and feel. Here’s a good example of how existing Content Library templates can be reworked for different industries.

Give Your Starter Templates a Makeover

Preview and download the medical course starter

Start from Scratch to Create Your Medical Course Starter

If you’re starting from scratch, the first step is to identify the most commonly used slides in e-learning courses. You can find a great list of common slide types in this post by Tom.

The key thing to remember when you’re designing your course starter template is that you don’t need to include every possible slide type in your template. Identify 6-8 content, quiz, and interaction slides and use those to create your initial template.

Here’s another good example of a simple course starter that includes just enough slide types to begin a new project.

Start from Scratch to Create Your Medical Course Starter

Preview and download the medical course starter | PowerPoint version

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share a medical-theme course starter template that contains at least six slides. You can share more, but the goal is to find the most essential content slides course designers would need to start building a course.

You can share only the published output or you can include the source file. We just want to see your medical e-learning template ideas!

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you resuscitate your slides back to health, check out the uncommonly creative explainer videos your fellow challengers shared in last week’s challenge:

Explainer Videos in E-Learning

Explainer Videos in E-Learning #170: Challenge | Recap

Wishing you a healthy week, E-Learning Heroes!

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