Announcing the Fall of E-Learning Freebies

Just imagine you’re sitting on a lovely bench on a crisp, autumn afternoon. You’re drinking an apple cider, we’re drinking a hot cocoa. And what’s that falling into your lap like leaves from a tree? Free downloads, of course.

We’re making this fall the Fall of Freebies! Each week we’ll post a collection of gorgeous graphics created by our professional illustrators. You’ve seen all the fantastic illustrations they create for E-Learning Heroes, and now they’re creating characters, badges, icons, and more—just for you.

You’ll get tons of beautiful graphics that you can use anywhere, anytime. And we’ll provide helpful articles and resources to show you how to put these downloads to work. 

We’re so excited to share these beautiful downloads with you. Stay tuned each week this fall for a new freebie (we'll keep updating this article with all the links) and share all the great stuff you create with #FallFreebies on Twitter.

Here are the goodies: 

  • Bright Button Set: Grab this download and you’ll get eight button designs with two color schemes. With two versions of each button, it’s easy to show an unselected state and a selected state. 
  • Friendly Illustrated People: These cheerful people graphics will give your project a personal, fun feel.  
  • PowerPoint '13: Fanciful Flat Menu Layout: Trina used the bright buttons to create this sweet PowerPoint menu template. 
  • Line-Style Gamification Badges: Snag these freebies to help your learners rack up points and achievements.
  • Play-Themed Line Icons: This set of 18 stylish icons will make it super-easy to create customized navigation or intuitive interactions. 
  • Colorful Gamification Badges: Did you love the line-style badges set? Get the bright and colorful version!
  • Work-Themed Line Icons: These gorgeous icons are in the same style as the play-themed icons above, with sleek designs for things like navigation symbols, computers, and more!
  • Six Slick Editing Tricks: Check out this roundup of useful articles that will help you work with free resources more efficiently. You'll get help modifying images, using them in your projects, and helpful time-savers.
  • Sophisticated Button Set: Get another great set of useful buttons, with two color schemes so that it's easy to show a selected state and unselected state.
  • Useful Flat Icons: Grab these stylish icons to create a cool menu or navigation set-up.