Heads Up! Articulate Courses Will No Longer Work on Dropbox

Dropbox just announced that they’ll stop supporting HTML in files hosted in Dropbox folders as of October 3, 2016 for free accounts. What does this mean for you? If you're using Dropbox links to host published Articulate courses on the web, viewers will no longer be able to see your content. If you have a Dropbox Pro account, you'll have a bit longer to transition: HTML support will end September 1, 2017. Unfortunately this comes right on the heels of Google Drive’s decision to do the same thing.

We know some E-Learning Heroes community members loved the quick and easy option of hosting their courses on Dropbox or Google Drive. But don’t worry! We’ve got a few other quick and easy options for you:

  • Amazon Web Services: AWS specializes in hosting web content, so it’s a great, reliable way to share your published courses. And good news: the first 5 GB you post to AWS are free! Tom Kuhlmann created this helpful tutorial to show you how to post your content to AWS.  
  • Your own website: If you already have a website, it’s simple to add courses to your own webhost. Here’s a tutorial that shows you how.

Special Option for E-Learning Challenge Participants

If you depend on Dropbox to post your weekly E-Learning Challenge projects, you have one more option! Just send us your published files and we’ll host them for you on our servers.

Just go to this link and share your zipped output with your first and last name and challenge number in the file name, like this: David_Anderson_Challenge122.zip. We’ll post the project on our servers and send you the link.

Questions? Suggestions for other file hosting solutions? Share them in the comments!

Rachel Craig
Mat Beecher
David Anderson

I like AWS because it's cheap, fast, and the most reliable option. The downside is that the URL doesn't always make it easy to find the source of the example. Example: http://articulate-heroes-authoring.s3.amazonaws.com/Examples/Storyline/SL2/Interactive-exploration/story.html Personally, I would always want my portfolio projects on my own website so the examples are visually connected to my domain name. A good example of this is Jackie Van Nice who always posts her examples in a sub directory on her website: http://www.jackievannice.com/?p=175071340 Another option is to create a landing page on your own domain for your examples like Montse does: http://elearningdesigner.com/storyline/medical-starter/story.html This helps users immediately know who created the example and where... Expand

Mark Weingarten
Veronica Budnikas
Sebastin Francis
Nalin Dubey