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We’re thrilled to announce a bunch of new features in Articulate 360. There are lots of new features in Storyline 360 and Rise, as well as fresh content in Content Library.

Storyline 360

With Storyline 360, beginners and e-learning pros alike can create custom, interactive courses that work on every device. The new features in Storyline 360 help Articulate 360 subscribers build e-learning with more speed and precision than before.

  • Convert text to speech: Speed up course development with the new text-to-speech feature. You can choose the voice and language to make sure every word sounds perfect.
  • Text-to-speech closed captions: Let the app do all the work for you to generate closed captions that are synced automatically with text-to-speech narration.
  • Object editing enhancements: Size and position objects with pixel-perfect precision. Workflow enhancements make it easier than ever to format objects on your slide.
  • Fine-tune motion paths: Create perfect motion paths easily with new features that give you more control over how objects move around your slides.
  • Random numbers variable: Use the random numbers variable to easily build math problems, present learners with randomly selected content, and add gaming elements to your courses.
  • Modern text rendering: The new text-rendering engine for Storyline 360 uses the latest technology, allowing text to flow beautifully with consistent spacing and readability on every device. (Coming soon.)

Rise 360

With Rise 360, anyone can build fully responsive courses in minutes—right in their web browser. The latest release includes new accessibility features and more.

  • Keyboard-accessible navigation: Let learners navigate Rise courses entirely with their keyboards. And because keyboard accessibility is built right into the published output, you don’t need to do a thing to make it happen. (Coming soon.)
  • Higher contrast for accessibility: Now, built-in course features such as buttons and icons have a higher contrast between foreground and background colors.
  • Copy lessons to other courses: Reuse existing content and create courses faster by copying lessons across your Rise courses.
  • Custom fonts: Personalize your Rise courses with custom fonts for heading and body text. (Coming soon.)
  • Multiple-response questions: Make sure learners understand course content with the new multiple-response quiz lesson. You can create assessments with more than one correct answer.
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions: Challenge learners to recall key words or phrases from your course content with the fill-in-the-blank quiz lesson.
  • Matching questions: With the new drag-and-drop matching quiz lesson, you can make an interactive assessment that includes up to 10 text-based matching pairs. (Coming soon.)
  • Enhanced quiz feedback: Reinforce learners’ knowledge with a variety of feedback options. You can give learners a single feedback statement for all responses, different feedback for right or wrong responses, or even different feedback for each possible response. (Coming soon.)

Content Library 360

Content Library 360 is an ever-growing library of course assets that help you get started building gorgeous courses quickly. Subscribers now have more characters to help them connect with learners.

  • 10-pack of photographic characters. We’ve added new photographic characters in a range of industries and styles. There are EMTs, customer service staff members, young professionals, and more.

Check out our What’s New page to watch videos about the new features in Articulate 360.

And if you want to try any of the new features on this list, start a free, 30-day trial of Articulate 360. You’ll get access to award-winning authoring apps Storyline 360 and Rise 360, 10.3+ million course assets, an easy-to-use review app, and live online training with industry experts.

Simon Blair