Share Your Favorite E-Learning Challenge Examples for 2023

Best of 2023 E-Learning Challenges: Challenge | Recap

Undoubtedly, the weekly E-Learning Challenges are one of the best ways to try new skills, find inspiration, and build your portfolio.

But practice takes time. Building examples takes time. Coming up with design concepts takes time.

I’ve heard from hundreds of challengers over the past 10+ years that their average time on a demo is around four hours. Whether that tracks with your experience, creating e-learning examples requires a small investment of time, creativity, and problem-solving.

And to help celebrate your Herculean achievements, I want to showcase your favorite examples from 2023. And that's what this week's (unofficial) challenge is all about!

🏆 Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share your favorite e-learning challenge example from 2023. You can choose any example from the 2023 challenges.

When you share your examples, please briefly describe your project.  Here are some prompts to help you get started:

  • Why was this your favorite project?
  • What were your specific goals or objectives for this project, and how did you meet them?
  • Tell me about the software features, design elements, or concepts you incorporated into this project.
  • Was your project designed for a specific industry?
  • Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently in this project?
  • How much time did you spend on this project?

💡 Writing Examples

Looking for inspiration? Here are some writing examples from our team that should help give you an idea of what I’m looking for:

And remember, you’re always welcome to include a link to a long-form blog post or discussion in the community.

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The weekly e-learning challenges are ongoing opportunities to learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolios. You can jump into any or all of the previous challenges anytime you want. I’ll update the recap posts to include your demos.

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Jonathan Hill
Jodi M. Sansone

Favorite #416: Using AI Learned Something New #420: 360 New Features Video Transcript Did I have fun creating the demo? Did I learn something new I wouldn't have learned if it were not for the challenges? And do I still feel good when I look back at it? That's how I sorted out my favorite(s). My favorite demo from this year was #416 where I created an imaginary interview with Toulouse-Lautrec using AI content generation, AI voices and a famous photo of the artist. My back-up favorite is #420 because I learned about the new transcript feature, using a video on a Scottish Terrier rescue organization. I don't think I woul... Expand

Samuel Apata
Nicole Boswell
Jayashree Ravi
Aaron McCray

View here: I'm kind of cheating here since I just retro-entered a few challenges since I FINALLY finished a solo project that could be shared (as opposed to my contracts/jobs where I can't share projects externally). I just finished a demo project that I was working on that showcases how a narrative and interactions can work together seamlessly. This was a particularly hard challenge as while Storyline is not made for "games"; it can still be utilized for it with a lot of creativity and workarounds. And there had to be workarounds a-plenty! Images randomly switching for no apparent reason, states breaking, things getting clunky as file sizes increase, etc. But, where there's a will, there's a wa... Expand

Ange CM

I don't really have a favorite project/challenge. I have fun doing them because it inspires me to discover/explore/experiment and push the envelope. The bonus is seeing other people's work, always an inspiration/aspiration - so many interpretations, so many different styles and approaches, so much learning to do - awesome! This one is an oldie, #298: Using Animation Techniques to Create Countdown Timers in E-Learning. Example: I enjoyed designing it. I rarely use timers so this was a good opportunity to experiment. I incorporated looping motion paths (which I had rarely used), number variables, sound effects, animation entry/exit, and a quiz. If I did it again I would work on visual consistency ... Expand

Laura Hansen
Chris Hodgson

This year I have very much enjoyed any opportunity to explore what's possible when combining Articulate Storyline 360 development with the OpenAI platform. My 'Generate Your Own Text-Based Storyline Adventure' project for ELH 416 is my favourite of all, as this was my first attempt at using both the Create Chat Completions API and Create Image API synchronously to generate everything shown on screen completely dynamic to the player. Not even a year has passed since creating this entry and already so much has evolved in the generative AI space, so to see out 2023 I've spent some time upgrading my original project to use the latest models, including Dall-E 3, to generate stunningly detailed illustrations that visualise every story. Expand

Courtney Roberts
Kate Golomshtok

Hello everyone! My favorite challenge this year was challenge 436. I tried to dive deeper into the new opportunities of Rise. My goal was to explore the Rise update in more detail, apply Ai, and experiment with design. I tried: 1. Implementing a solid dark background for all blocks. This allowed me to achieve the following effect: the divider-button has no background and appears as clickable text. For the timeline blocks, I used wave photos with a smooth transition to the main color, so that the separete blocks look like one. 2. Adding an animated map. This is a gif created in Adobe After Effects. 3. Using Ai for text and image generation. It was a creative experiment, and I understan... Expand

Organizational Development

Russell Sweep here 👋 I know I usually showcase the E-Learning Heroes challenges, but I wanted to share a side project I built this year. It was a productive 2023 with me learning the Articulate suite, building my portfolio, starting contract work, and eventually landing my first full time job as a content developer. I owe a lot of these achievements to this community and the friends i've made along the way :) This is a bartending demo training on how to check IDs before serving alcohol. It utilized branching scenarios, multi-media, and assessments. Sharing it with my community and asking for feedback taught me how helpful everyone is and really assisted me in fine tuning the project. Thanks again for all who gave me their advice and time! Demo: https://idbartendertraining.s3.a... Expand

Valerie Thompson
Hilla Schlegel

Whew... Making this decision was quite a task. I weighed the options between more recent projects and those that have captured my attention for an extended period. In the end, I settled on #401, a bit of a classic :), because I believe it holds potential. I see it embodying qualities crucial for a robust e-learning experience – captivating visuals, an immersive approach, and encouragement for learner participation. I've put in dedicated efforts to enhance accessibility, and the technology used, incorporating videos behind cutout letters and acronyms as tabs, is versatile and adaptable to various projects. To boost its usefulness, a job aid has been integrated into the original #401 project. I truly hope you find it enjoyable. Thank you all for another engaging EL challenge year. Enjoy your... Expand

Ron Katz

I didn't participate in as many of the challenges this year as the last few. My favorite for this year was using Isometric Shapes in eLearning. Demo: Download: Available in the feedback/review section. Why was this your favorite project? I liked trying to recreate a Q-Bert type game and the 3D Isometric challenge was perfect for it. What were your specific goals or objectives for this project, and how did you meet them? I wanted to create a game with multiple levels and to use the background music feature. I wanted the controls to be key presses. I used triggers and layers to track where the Alien character was and to change the state of visited cube to track level completion. Tell me... Expand

Zeta Kilbride

My favorite eLearning Heroes Challenge last year was #432 escape room. Demo: This challenge gave me an opportunity to play with the 360 degree picture feature which I had never used before, and to make a "notes" feature using variables that collected answers for the user when they came up with them. It probably took me around 6-8 hours to put together, but there were a lot of starts and stops as I worked on this in between other thigs. It was a great learning experience as it challenged me to solve some problems using variables in ways I never had before, so I really enjoyed that. One thing I didn't love about the 360 feature is that the green hotspots are visible to the player when they click on the... Expand

Cheryl Blum