Share Your Force-Filled Star Wars E-Learning Templates and Examples #262

Star Wars Quizzes, Games, and Activities #262: Challenge | Recap

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share a Star Wars-themed interaction. You can design any type of interaction you like as long as it’s related to Star Wars. 

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • History of Star Wars timeline
  • Who shot first?
  • Star Wars leadership styles
  • Star Wars quizzes
  • Build a droid game
  • Star Wars name generator

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you force your way through this week’s challenge, check out the creative ways your fellow challengers use interactive dials and knobs to build infographics in e-learning:

Using Dials for Interactive Infographics #261: Challenge | Recap

Using Dials for Interactive Infographics #261: Challenge | Recap

Wishing you a force-tastic week, E-Learning Heroes!

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Jonathan Hill
Jodi M. Sansone
Tracy Carroll
Ed McLean
Nick Russell

Many thanks for all the kind comments. To answer Alex and Jonathan's point - Yes it is pretty hard to click the photobomb images. That's because I am useless at all video games and I wanted to get my own back on all those millennials and other young guys who are adept at this sort of thing, by making a 'game' that I can actually win! Once you run through it a couple of times you can locate the position of the hotspots and complete it fairly easily. Second - Ed's question - How did I get the character to appear behind the foreground footage - and thanks for noticing Ed! This was achieved in After Effects. Using the Rotobrush tool, you draw around an object in the footage that you want to cut out - e.g. in this movie one of the objects was the helmet rolling on the ground. You then che... Expand

Kevin Thorn
Alex Jinca
Jonathan Hill
Rema Merrick
Douglas Audirsch

Rema, I wanted to make something quickly over my lunch hour along the Star Wars theme that was game-like. The only difference in using the Force and the Dark side is which one takes the offensive and which is defensive. Whichever button's side you push initiates an attack and the other side responds to deflect. If I'd taken more time, I would have added a life meter or some way to show progress. I created 3 different attack slides for each side (total of 6), and used a random number variable to determine which slide would show when a button was pushed. I also would have liked to have had more variations in attack. However, I was working quickly with no intention of using this for anything. My purpose in doing this - besides just having fun of course - was to try using a randomizer ... Expand

Rema Merrick
Rema Merrick
Nicole Luckey
Rema Merrick
Natalie Budesa