Six Slick Slider Examples to Stir Your Imagination

Sliders are one of the coolest (and most popular!) features in Articulate Storyline 2. They make it easy to depict the relationships among different concepts. And learners love to interact with sliders because they’re fun, game-like, and engaging!

To help you see what you can do with interactive sliders, we grabbed some inspiring examples created by our community.

  • See how you can let learners scope out an object from all angles with this sweet example by Montse Anderson (and get the free download!).
  • This nifty timeline interaction by Lyn Lucovsky uses sliders to reveal new info to learners at each stop on the timeline.
  • This slider interaction by James Ruffell lets learners interact with a realistic work environment created in CAD.
  • Sliders create moving, interactive environments in this space exploration game example by Jerson Campos.
  • This example by Charles Hamper cleverly uses sliders to help learners get the hang of a complex engineering concept.
  • Inspired by the “claw” arcade game, you can snag a minion of your very own in this playful slider game created by Nick Russell.  

If you’re looking for even more great slider examples, check out this E-Learning Challenge. We update the challenge recaps with new entries all the time, so feel free to add your own! You can also find more inspiration at our examples hub!

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