Using Jeopardy Games in Online Learning #209

Jeopardy Games in E-Learning #209: Challenge | Recap

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Ken Bruss

I can't share what I've done since it's proprietary, but I work in biotech. I've used Jeopardy as an energizer with a multi-day training course. Periodically, we'd take a break and play a couple of rounds. We'd keep score, and at the end of the class the winning team would win a prize, typically a bag of candy. To use the game in this manner, I use 7 - 10 categories, with five levels to each group. Sample Categories and questions: - Drug Side Effects - for this one you need to be very specific with the answer e.g., produces nervousness, stomach pains and/or weight loss among hyperactive children - Stages of Drug Trials - evaluates trial drug safety with a small number of study participants - Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - governs informed consent procedures among minor... Expand

Jodi M. Sansone
Jodi M. Sansone
Joke Hollants
Aman Vohra

Hello everyone, Here's my Jeopardy game template, like any normal game, I have managed to create multi-player functionality so the user can play alone or he can compete with someone at the same time. I am still working on some of the aspects of the game. so if you find any errors or problems please do let me know. Here's the link to mobile compatible output: Guys, I need you help/assistance regarding a problem I am facing: I am using question banks to fetch random questions in this sample and noticed multiple times that even after selecting the correct properties like "draw questions randomly, include all questions", the questions are still repeating. I added 30 questions in each question bank just to make sure... Expand

Joke Hollants
Aman Vohra
Kimberly Osunero