Using Interactive Dials and Knobs in E-Learning 2018 #210

Using Interactive Dials in E-Learning #210: Challenge | Recap

Interactive dials are a great way to simulate real-world objects and tasks in your e-learning courses.

Dials are similar to sliders, but where sliders move along a straight path, dials move in an arc or a circular path. Dials also use less space than sliders, so learners can quickly scroll through large amounts of data.

Dials and knobs can be used to:

  • Explore cause-and-effect relationships
  • Scroll through a lot data quickly
  • Navigate menu items or options

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share a new slider interaction. If you’re brand new to Storyline, try reworking one of the dial templates in the downloads section.

New Entries Only!

For this week’s challenge, we’re asking you only share new examples. You're welcome to rework an earlier example you’ve shared or come up with something entirely different.


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Wishing you a great week, E-Learning Heroes!

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David Anderson
Nikki May
Tony DeRose

Hi fellow SL users! This is my first attempt at one of David's challenges (albeit an old challenge) and the first time using a custom dial (or dial of any sort for matter ;)) Anyway, I'm working moving a Forklift training from an ILT to an eLearning overview (They'll get OJT in their areas). So, I thought it would be beneficial for them to see how a car vs a forklift turns. As you turn each of the dials, the respective wheels on the chassis will turn accordingly. Therefore, I downloaded custom assets from Envato and used them as my custom dials. That said, below is the link to my published example. I know it needs work. If anyone has any idea how to restart the audio which starts with "Did you notice how..." I'm totally open to suggestions. I hope you enjoy! https://360.articulat... Expand

Hope Dugan