Captivate 5 in an Engage Activity

Mar 03, 2011

I have a Captivate 5 .swf file that I want to include in an Engage activity. When I publish it the Captivate file plays crazy with a box flashing and the .swf flashes uncontrollably. I know that when you publish Captivate 5 to Presenter you need to do it as as a web object. But how can you get a Captivate 5 .swf file published to Engage?


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Mereki White

Alice, I'm a newbie too but found the 'web object' worked really well for me.  When you say 'didn't work' what happened?

I couldn't watch the video given as a reference, but there is a link to another fellow's page here and I found those instructions worked.  The only bit missing was that at step 2, you have to make sure you are publishing to a folder (not just to your desktop or something) so that when you get to step 5 you have a folder to point at, with the index.htm inside.  Oh, and the screen shots for step 5 and step 6 are mixed around which can be confusing.

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