Engage files - Multiple Presentations - Modifying for Phases

Apr 20, 2011

Hello everyone,

I am presenting phase changes for a product and the phases are being released at different times in different regions. 

I have my base presentation complete.  Can I create a new presentation and add in my existing Engage files with narrations?  Once inserted, can I save make changes to the Engage files and narration and re-save as a new name?  I'm afraid that I'll make edits and it won't be as easy as it sounds... I don't want duplicate work, but I also don't want to mess up the first presentation.

Thanks for your thoughts!  Happy Wednesday!!

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Justin Wilcox

You can create multiple versions of the same presentation. Here's how:


Regarding your interactions, you are going to need to create unique interactions if they are going to be different in each presentation. Here's how:


Justin Wilcox

For the Engage interactions, you should actually change the names if the interactions are changing. So if your first project has an Engage interaction called Interaction1 that you need to update for your second project, in the second project folder you would want to rename the interaction file and also delete the interaction slide and then reinsert it.

Justin Wilcox

The directory structure of your project files won't have any impact on the directory structure of your published presentations because you get to  choose the title and location of your published output. The folder that is created that contains your published output will have the same name as the title you give your presentation in the publishing wizard.

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