Engage will not allow advance, even after completion of all steps

Interaction allows for leaving after competion of all steps, each step has audio. complete all steps, "Next Slide" button triggers and shows but I am not allowed to progress. I've tried to let the audio complete as well, but it appears to stop short after the last step? Not sure what is causing this.

Here are screenshots of my settings. what am I missing?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sonya! I can see where Seth did submit a support case and worked with them a bit, however it does not appear that resolution was reached. The last piece that was sent to Seth from our support team was advising that perhaps he had a corrupt time code in the interaction as the audio stopped at 1:27, but the slide length was 1:36.

If you would like to provide some more information as to what is going on with your project, that would be great. You are also welcome to submit your .intr file to support for assistance as well.