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Sep 11, 2014

Hi everyone,

I've created an 'image zoom' through engage '13 and it all seems to work fine however I've noticed that the text box is the same height as the part of the image I have selected to 'zoom' in on.

My problem is that there are 25 sections to zoom on and each section is only a small image (it's a table of different blood cells). Hence, I can't expand the zoom field since it overlaps with other parts of the image.

When I run the program and click on a cell, only a very small text box comes up (one line of text showing) so it is then necessary to scroll through one line at a time to read the information. I was hoping that when selected, the image would 'zoom' to a pre-set size.

Would anyone know if there is any way to increase the size of the text box? Or is my only solution to make the 'zoom field' larger?

Thanks in advance - and I hope this makes sense!

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Helen Davis

My best guess for why is that this is due to rounding errors as it scales down. For example if you imagine a box which is 250px wide and contains two boxes side by side that are 125px wide each. Clearly these fit side by side. If you zoom out so that you are at half size then the outer box will be 125px and the inner ones 62.5px each which rounds up to 63px half pixels are as small as you get). These two now come to a total width of 126px so no longer fit side by side and one would have to go under the other.

This is basically the principle you have at work here I think. The best solution that I can see would be to make the two side by side boxes narrower and float one to the right so that your right border is unbroken. this may mean a slightly bigger gap down the middle but that gap can hopefully absorb rounding errors as you zoom out

Scott Burnett

This makes sense to me. I am trying to do the same thing. I am working on a technical training, I am zooming in on a couple of fields, there is desciptions of what the fields are for. But the text I created is shown in a box that makes it very difficult to read. Only displaying 1 to 3 lines depending on the field I have chosen. It will make reading the text very difficult.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nora! Thanks you for sharing. I was having a hard time envisioning what was being described.

So, yes, the text box is totally dependent on the size of the piece of the image being zoomed in on in an Image Zoom Interaction.

Not sure if perhaps another interaction, such as a Labeled Graphic, would work better for you. The text boxes will grow to fit your text. 

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