Resume option pops up on every restart of a published presenter

Aug 27, 2011

I have developed a tutorial in Engage using the FAQ interaction.  In Interaction Properties>FAQ> Allow resume option: I have unchecked the box.  I added this interaction in the Articulae tab to Presenter.  When I publish Presenter the Resume Presentation box keeps coming up.  I have tried removing the Engage Interactin from Presenter and re-adding it but does not help.  I have checked and unchecked this Allow Resume box and saved and resaved but nothing seems to help.  A fellow developer does not get this behavior with my tutorial on that separate machine that also has Engage installed.  Should I uninstall Engage and reinstall it?  Solutions anyone?

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Gary Galmin

I have had similar issues with quizmaker and having my updates added to the published course. I would publish and publish and my changes would not be updated. It was not until I fully deleted the quiz out of my course, saved  it , published it and then added the updated item back into the course.

Not sure if it helps, but maybe give you something new to try?

Brian Batt

Hi Rafael,

When you go to publish your presentation, make sure that you're selecting the Player Template that you just saved.  The drop-down for Player Template will automatically select the last player template that you published with.  Depending upon the changes that you made, the selected player template might not be the one that you expect.  Make sure that "In Project" isn't shown in the Player Template name.  Otherwise, you'll continue to publish the player template that doesn't have your changes.

Let me know if you continue to have problems.

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