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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Penelope,

When looking at the maximum dimensions of media within the Tabbed interaction you'll see the following for Engage 13

Tab media

The maximum dimensions for images and videos in tabs depend on the size of the base image, where the base image is placed, and where the tab media is placed.

  Base Image—Left/Right Base Image—Top/Bottom
  • Label—left/right: 340 x 290
  • Label—top/bottom: 415 x 232
  • Label—left/right: 553 x 197
  • Label—top/bottom: 628 x 139
50% (default)
  • Label—left/right: 209 x 290
  • Label—top/bottom: 284 x 232
  • Label—left/right: 553 x 125
  • Label—top/bottom: 628 x 627
  • Label—left/right: 45 x 290
  • Label—top/bottom: 120 x 232
  • Label—left/right: 553 x 36
  • Label—top/bottom: 628 x 2

Which, is a bit smaller than the dimensions described for Engage 09 hereWith the tabs at the regular size of 30%, then the maximum image size is 425 px width x 380 px height when on the Left/right. 

Michael Jeffers

Hey Ashley,

I'm running into the same problem that Penelope is.

I have a SWF video that I want to open in a new window from Engage.  I know I can add the SWF file to the presenter file and it allows me to have the video open in a separate window.  I would like to have the video in Engage as it's a much cleaner look.

I see if I add a picure in Engage it allows me to 'Zoom Image: In a New Window'.  I don't see the same option when I attach a SWF file, is that functionality not available in '13?

I never tried this in '09, but I do see within 'Multimedia Properties' there was an option to 'Display:  In new window'

I appreciate any help you can provide.  Thank you Ashley.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael and welcome to Heroes! 

Yes, in 09 there was a feature to display it in a new window, which I no longer see as a part of Engage 13, and the properties that you can adjust for a SWF file are indicated here.  Depending on the type of interaction your using, the maximum dimensions for media are outlined here.