508 compliance...surprise!

I am just about finished with four course, one narrated, three not, for the same client. I asked at the onset if they needed to be 508 compliant and was told, no. Good, because I have no experience with that and have so far managed to avoid the whole thing.

Today my contact person was informed that all four courses must be 508 compliant. I saw the blog about saving to word, mp3 and jumping over the moon twice backwards to make a presentation compliant but although the title said, "Easy" it looked quite complicated to me and there were still comments suggesting the "fix" described would still not comply.

Can you help me figure out how to fix these courses? On the narrated one, I can add the nots tab to the menu add they can read my narration but how can I fix the images, some of which are mathematical calculations, described in the narration? On the other three, the text on the screen is really the whole course, except for some engage interactions, again with text and supporting images, and the quiz. The images are just there to support the text but the information in the course is there with or without the images.

How can i make these 508 compliant???

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