Accessibility - turning Notes on and off

Jul 25, 2018


I have a narrated course in Presenter 360 that needs to be made 508 compliant. If I use the Notes function in the player to display the narration, is it possible to have the user turn it on or off according to need?


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Tom Kuhlmann

You can't turn notes off at the layer level, however you can for slides individually.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create duplicate slides with notes enabled. And link to them if someone enables notes. Of course this works fine for simple courses.
  • You could create a fake side panel (by extending the slide dimensions and put notes on the slide/layer that will show on the slides. If you want to use a menu, I'd have it set to be a drop down menu so the course isn't super wide. 
Tom Kuhlmann

I guess I should read the question. :)

You can fake the layers by creating a hyperlink to a duplicate slide that shows the notes content. You'd need to create a notes section.

Personally I'd do something like this with the default player.

  • Change the menu to drop down
  • Move the notes panel to the opposite side
  • Keep it persistent
  • With some adjustments to the player colors you can create an elegant looking player

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