Action Button not working after publication.

In Studio '13, created a slide with branching. "Next" continues along the course, Action Button on slide navigates to a different, case study slide. In both cases, I'm specifying the slide to which the user navigates.

I publish without SCORM. The Action Button works as it is supposed to. We see the case study. We are enlightened.

I publish with SCORM (either SCORM 1.2 or 2004, it doesn't matter), clicking the Action button continues along the course. We wonder where the case study went.

Did I err? Or is there something in SCORM that prevents action buttons from working?

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Paul Venderley

Leslie: Thank you for your reply.

I'm publishing the presentation in an LMS provided by Latitude Learning. It only accepts SCORM packaging for their eLearning content.

I believe I'm using a supported hyperlink method, as I'm merely telling the computer to go to a specific slide. I also tried telling the program to navigate to the Next slide when pressing the Action Button, and jumping the Case Study slide when clicking "Next." Neither work. The Action Button is merely ignored.

What interests me is that this happens AFTER I package the content, and load it into the LMS as a ZIP file. When I'm testing it on my desktop, everything runs tickety-boo.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paul! Thanks for the update.

Another great test to figure out if it's the software or your LMS is to test the content in SCORM Cloud to see if the same issue occurs. If you cannot replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it would be best to look to your LMS for assistance. If the issue is replicated, please submit your Articulate Package for us to have a look at.