Action Script 3.0 and Studio 13 development

I'm in the middle of a wrestling match with Presenter 9 right now involving flash movies that won't run. (limit of 3 per slide - what's with that??)

I am not using the Articulate video encoder.  In the process of research I have contacted Techsmith and they confirm that the 7.1.1 version of Camtasia I am using for my flash files is based on ActionScript 2.0. So I should not be having this issue.

But regardless of that, they said that version Camtasia v8 uses version Action Script 3.0. Camtasia v8 is a real PITA and I do not intend to use it despite having bought the upgrade, so that's a bullet I can dodge for now.

But, the big point is that I don't like the encoder provided with Studio 9. The quality is poor and the output choices are too limited. Flash can, and needs to be better. I post my content internally and have the capabilty to stream 1280x720. I need that resolution and the Video Encoder can't provide it. I imagine you are outsourcing that application, but it's not good enough for what I'm doing. I need the capability to get crisp smooth images of application data entry screens.

I'll post the issue of movies not running over in the other section.


Pete Flynn

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Pete Flynn

Hi Phil,

What's a pm4?

Camtasia does not export in that format. I chose to avoid the embed option and am launching in another browser window to get it bigger. 720x540 is too small. I took the path of one movie per slide. I was able to get  flv output from Camtasia in 1280x720 and embedded them right into the lesson. PPT/Articulate crashed on the largest file but after I rebooted my machine to clear the memory and only ran PPT it worked. The finished lesson zipped up to 500 meg, but distribution isn't my problem!