Action Script is not Working.

Hi... This is Ajanthan from nits.

                           I'm currently doing a e-learning project using articulate presenter. I imported some flash movies in the presentation. Now i'm facing some defects with the action scripting in flash file. script is not working.

                         I have imported with the settings of  Advanced to the next slide as : when user clicks next and the synchronization settings as: Synchronize slide and movie. I have published it using Corporate Communication Skin

I have also enclosed the link for which i'm getting defects...

Help me in this...


Ajanthan. M 

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David Anderson

Hi Ajanthan,

Looking at the link you sent, it appears the work.swf file is trying to load an external movie. Is that what you're trying to do in Presenter? Here's a Screenr tutorial on loading external movies in Presenter '09.

Can you confirm you're working in ActionScript 2.0 and not 3.0? Currently supported AS goes to 2.0. Here's some good info on using Flash in Studio '09.