How to overcome _root Problem in Flash Movie


This is Ajanthan.

I had used the flash movie in the articulate presenter.

I had created the movieclip and inside the movie clip i had created the button. Now if i click the button the stage should start to play on the specified frame. Its not working with articulate presenter. So is there any other options or any other script is avail instead of (_root).

I had used the following script.

i had created movieclip named btns_mc and i had created the button with the instance name of info_btn.

the code is given below.

info_btn.onRelease = function(0


        _root.gotoAndPlay ("info");


this is the script but it is not working in articulate presenter, can anyone help me to get out of this problem...


Ajanthan. M

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Ajanthan M

HI Johana,

It works for me... thanks... But if u see if i use more than three _parent, it will not work... thats the problem.. i have the button as 4th child of the stage.....


Do you have answer for this???

Please help me in this..



Ajanthan. M





Johanna Stix said:


maybe _parent or this._parent could work for you?