Adding Seekbar to Playlist Audio?

Apr 23, 2015

I'm using Studio '13. I have just one audio file in a playlist running across multiple slides. There is no other audio in the presentation.

The problem is that the Presenter seekbar only controls the audio on the individual slides . . . but I want the user to be able to control the playlist audio. Is there a way (even a crazy hack) to do this?

Having the seekbar as it is now is useless because there is no audio on the individual slides, only in the playlist. Thanks!

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Kevin Pierce

Hi Ashley,

That's what I was afraid of. "Playlists" are great because I can have one audio run continuously no matter how much the learner switches back and forth between slides. However, I can't offer them a seekbar they can use.

I wonder if anyone has found a way to accomplish this in PowerPoint. Tricking PPT into believing that the user is not switching slides (and ending the audio).


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