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Nov 18, 2013


We have customized our player that is to be across a broad range of courses.

Most of our courses are Studio 09, thus when imported and convert them to 13 they automatically default to the studio 13 Player; the grey one.

Is there any way for me to set our custom player as the default, so every time I convert a course it automatically picks up my player, which would save us the time from opening up player selecting custom player for every course as it is fairly time consuming; due to how the new player has to load and the settings updated etc.

Also, on my custom player when I opt to include page titles, and save this property it seems to save the title name from the presentation in which I first created/ saved the settings for the custom player. Every time I select this player it pulls up the old title, again taking up time from opening the player, waiting for it to update and then change the name, wait for it to update and then click on okay to accept the changes.

Is there any way to drop a code in here so that it will naturally opt to select the title from the current presentation? without having to select the player, exit out and relaunch?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

When you upgrade files from Studio 09 into Studio 13, the player elements will not transfer as the player versions are different between 09 and 13. For information on how you can customize the player within Presenter 13 you may want to review this tutorial.  Since you're doing some upgrading of files, I also wanted to point you to this chart that compares the features in Studio 09 to those now added into Studio 13. 

You can still save your custom player and share it with colleagues as described here.  Let us know if you need anything else! 

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