Advancing Presenter and Engage with a Pointer instead of mouse

I have a presentation that uses powerpoint and engage interactions.  I have learned the presenter would like to use a pointer to advance the presentation. 

I can make this work with the powerpoint slides and inside the enage interactions. 

The issues I have are starting the first powerpoint slide and moving from engage back to powerpoint.

The first slide will not advance with the pointer (but after I advance it with the mouse I can go back to it with the pointer and then advance)

I cannot navigate away from an engage interaction (forward or back) with the pointer.

Is this type of navigation even possible?  I have a few presentations like this that will be used as presentations (or ILT if you will) to large groups first, then be put into our LMS.

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Justin Wilcox

I think for the first slide you might want to try to create a slide prior to this slide and set that slide to advance automatically in Slide Properties. For the Engage interaction, I would also set the slide to advance automatically. The person giving the presentation would just need to be made aware of this.