Animation and annotations problems

Hey Folks,

I face a serious problem with animations specially with the shapes that i add into the presentations. I often see in the preview that the animations don't quiet work the way it should. 

I read somewhere that the workaround would be converting the shapes into pictures but not in my case. I have shapes with text as well and i need animations on the shapes and the text's within it.  Something which is not working in the preview and also after publishing. Also the snaps looks blurred after publishing. 

Also the texts (numbers) within the shapes seems to overlap after publishing.  See the below snaps. This happens all the time. 

Overlapping text

Now discussing about annotations, the spotlight seems to hang when i preview the presentation. Even though in the preview i see other annotations cleared (like the arrows) but the spotlight hangs throughout the slide.

I think I'm missing out the basics. Can you help? 

I'm using presenter'13

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arul,

Sorry for the issues you've run into with animations and annotations in your content. I'd love to take a look at an example so that we can get to the bottom of this.

Can you share a copy of your Presenter package here with us?  You can upload it by clicking here and using the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window.