Annotations not displaying correctly in Preview or when Published

Mar 21, 2012


I've read the other threads on Annotations and Spotlight and have followed many of the suggestions. I am still having an issue with getting three Spotlight annotations to line up correctly both in Preview after they have been Published.

I have three bullets with text on the slide. I have added a spotlight annotation for each bullet. The spotlight annotations correctly display, both timing and location, when you click the Play button while still in the Add Annotations screen.

When I Preview the slide or Publish the slides, each of the spotlight annotations shift up 20 or so pixels and to the right 20 or so pixels.

I cleared all three annotations and added one checkmark annotation, one rectangle annotation, and one spotlight annotation to see if this was an issue with just spotlight. The three new annotations displayed with the same. They displayed correctly after clicking the Play button while in the Add Annotation screen. They shifted position up and to the right roughly 20 pixels each in the Preview mode.

I am on a Mac using Fusion (4.1) and running Windows XP and Powerpoint 2007.

Any thoughts on why this is happening and how to resolve it are appreciated. Thanks.

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Peter Anderson

Hi John, welcome to Heroes!

It sounds like you may need to turn off the Language Bar in Microsoft Windows

If that doesn't do the trick, I'd recommend submitting this as a case to our excellent support staff, including the details from this thread. They'll be happy to work with you to pinpoint and troubleshoot the issue. Thanks!

John Oeffinger

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the quick response and link to turning off the Language Bar. This did not solve the issue. 

I will file a ticket. I also think this might be an issue with VMWare's Fusion. I have noticed the Add Notation window shifting roughly the same amount of pixels when I create the first annotation. The window just picks up and moves itself over to the new position. I was screen recording this attempt to see if in fact it was shifting and noticed that Fusion kicked Screenflow off the top bar after it started. It is not supposed to do that. I do not remember earlier versions of Fusion doing that and suspect it may have something to do with their new Unity implementation. Since most of the other Mac user's in here use Parallel's, I'll download their trial version and see if that solves the issue as well.


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