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Jan 31, 2012

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I was able to add a zoom effect to my ppt presentation.

My first animation has a motion path "attached" to it. The first animation is set to start on click and the motion path is set to "start with preceding slide", however when I start recording, the animation and motion path happen immediately and automatically, it does not wait until I click. I've tried setting the motion path to start on click as well and also attempted it with the motion path preceding the animation. Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

Here's a link to a screenshot of my animation pane in case that helps!

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Nadia!

You may find that multiple animations applied to the same object may not work as expected when converted to Flash with Presenter '09 if the following conditions are true:

   *  The animations are configured to occur simultaneously (With Previous) or immediately after one another (After Previous).

   *  One of the animations is a motion path.

This is a known issue.  To workaround this issue, configure the second animation to delay by .1 second. 

If there are more than two simultaneous or back-to-back animations on the same object, you may need to configure all animations after the first one to delay by .1 second to achieve the desired effect when converted to Flash with Presenter '09. Am I understanding your configuration correctly / will this work for you? Let us know. Thanks!

Nadia Zaid

Hi Peter, Thanks for getting back to me. The problem is that the first animation starts automatically- even though its set to start on click. The second animation starts as it should- on click, but the first one does not. I went ahead and tried putting in a 1 second delay, but it still didn't allow me to click to start it- it just started after one second.  Per Justin's suggestion, I submitted a case so the slide can be looked at.

Peter Anderson

Hi again, Nadia!

Did the suggested solution of temporarily changing the theme for the affected slide(s) do the trick?

1) Select the affected slide(s). 
2) Go to the Design tab. 
3) Click the drop-down arrow for Themes, and select "Save Current Theme". 
4) Assign a recognizable name to your custom theme. 
5) Then click the drop-down arrow for Themes again. 
6) Right-click a Built-In theme, and select "Apply to Selected Slides". 
7) Record narration. sync animations, or add annotations to the affected slide(s). 
8) Then go back to the Design tab, and click the drop-down arrow for Themes. 
9) Right-click your custom theme, and select "Apply to Selected Slides" to revert back to your original theme. 

Jeffrey Lewis

I tried the suggestion above and it did not work.  Basically i imported a powerpoint presentation and i wanted it to react like a power point and the user has to press the next button.  As soon as it opens it starts going through the slideshow and this is not what i want.  Is there another way to take this off.   I hope to use the animation at some point but just to get up and running i need the pages static with the user controlling. 

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