Animations/Annotations not matching the Recording

May 18, 2012

Has anyone else had issues in Articulate Presenter with the animations and annotations not matching up with the recording?  I have created 7 modules in the past month.  Four of them are working without issue.  In two of them, the slide starts out okay but the animations and annotations start to speed up faster than my voice.  On the next slide it again starts out fine but then speeds up.  My latest module threw me for a loop when the animations and annotations actually were going slower than my voice.  I've re-animated/annotations multiple times but always come up with the same issue.  Does anyone have a fix for this?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Chris!

30 frames per second is the only supported frame rate at which you can include synchronized annotations. If your recorded annotations do not appear when you expected them to, it is likely due to the frames per second in Presentation Options > Publish. To fix your annotations, check out this article. Let us know if that resolves the issue or if it persists. Thanks! 

Tamara Seals

I'm having a similar issue.  Recording, annimations, and annotations are all fine until I publish and even after publishing when I view on my computers everything is okay.  Christine Hendrickson (one of your techs) helped me with an issue I was having with my hyperlinks working.  She helped me test my presentation on Articulate Online since I wasn't able to load to Tempshare.  When I view my presentation on Articulate Online, my spotlight annotations are all very delayed.  In fact, many of my slide are over before the spotlight can even appear.  I'm worried that when I get it this on our server I'll have the delay issue.  Thoughts?  I know my file is pretty large.  Do you think that's the problem?

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