Animations Won't Stay Synced

Jul 15, 2013


I’m having an issue with my animations when publishing and previewing my project.

When I create the animations and preview the slideshow through PowerPoint, everything looks good. Then, when I go to sync my animations with my voice over, everything looks good and syncs and all of my animations come up. I save and close and return to the presenter, and then go to preview my slides. When I do this, the synced animations don’t appear.

I have tried changing my options from advancing automatically to by user and vice versa. This does not help.

I have also set my animations to start “with previous” so the first animation’s value is 0. I then synced my animations (again, looked fine in the syncing window), but when I previewed, animations still did not appear. I went through this process with both “after previous” and “on click” options as well, still no luck.

The voice over is also long enough that I know it’s not a timing issue (where the animation appears after the v/o ends and the slide advances). All animations are supported (simple fades that are set to appear all at once, not by letter or by word). I am running Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2007.

This is mostly happening with my text animations – picture animations seem to be just fine.

Please help. I’m working on a deadline and no one in my office seems to know what’s going on.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Whitney and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! You mention that this is happening during preview, but the best way to know how your project is behaving is to test it in the intended environment.  So, if you could publish your content and view it as your learners will this will give you a better indication of what is going on.  If you still need assistance, just pop back in here.  I hope this helps and have a great day!

Daniel Brigham

Welcome to the forum, Whitney. This is strange behavior: I've been around awhile and never heard of similar situation.

If you are sure you are synching your narrations correctly, I'd first try opening up a new presenter file and bring the old slides into it. Sometimes the presenter file just bad.

And Leslie is right on: only when you publish, do you know what's really going on.

Anyway, just one thing you might do. Sorry about this. --Daniel

Whitney Harkness

I actually just figured it out. I was using our corporate font for all of the text on my slides which isn't a standard installed font. Turns out that it wasn't installed in Articulate, so I guess the program wasn't recognizing the font and just couldn't deal with those animations because of it. I converted all the text to Arial and now it works perfectly. Thank you!

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