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Jan 19, 2012


I am facing a small problem.  I am creating a course which if done using the tools that I know would result in a very animation intensive project and hence would be very time consuming.  So I considered "annotations" that I could use real time while syncing animations.  But the problem is that I need "line" type annotations.  The arrows and the cross marks will not work for this. 

Is there some workaround...Essentially I need line type annotations.  Or ideally what I need is that while I am syncing my other set of animations using articulate, there is a way to add lines or circles real time (as we can do in native ppt slideshow mode with on screen pointer).

Let me know if you need more help understanding my problem...

Would really appreciate your help.



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Payal Tandon

And I also created a srceenshot of what animations I want to avoid.  Note that you will see a combination of shaded rectangles and lines.  Even if I just had the capability of adding lines real time without the need for animation, it would be fine. 

I intend to teach students how to read and understand a sentence.  So that is why I want to pause briefly as I am speaking a sentence and I want to highlight on a few important things.  I thought of using rectangle annotation to highlight stuff, but I realized that it will take very long (relatively speaking) for me to draw the rectangle.  Actually by the time I will draw the rectangle, I will be on the other aspect of the sentence.

Is there something less time consuming that animations here?  If not, then I will proceed with the animations route only and account for the increased time in my planning doc.  :(.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Peter Anderson

Hi Payal,

Thanks for the screenshots. Yeah, those rectangles don't look quite right. I'm afraid you may have the go the more tedious animation route on this one. But you also might want to ask for ideas over in our Building Better Courses forum. The folks over there are much more creative than I am, and they may have some ideas to help you out

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